DWeb Camp 2023: A Family-Friendly Event

DWeb Camp 2023: A Family-Friendly Event

When you think of typical tech events, bringing your kids along might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, DWeb Camp takes a different approach. We believe that building a better online world involves people of all ages and backgrounds, including children. That’s why we encourage you to bring your entire family to DWeb Camp 2023, where we have curated a special program just for kids.

Andi Wong, the curator of our Family program, is an arts educator, ocean advocate, storyteller, and historian. She combines these elements to create a magical experience for children and families at DWeb Camp. Andi’s goal is to get to know each child’s interests and help them form a community. Through nature exploration, she introduces them to the invisible forces and flows they may not have considered before.

So, what can your family expect at DWeb Camp? Here’s a glimpse:

  • Educator-led programs tailored for kids
  • Indigenous storytellers exploring creation myths
  • Juggling lessons with flow artists
  • Daily lessons in animal kung fu from a skilled Sifu
  • Exploring soundscapes of rain, ocean, river, and forest with the Del Sol Quartet
  • Open play with clay, cardboard, string, and paint – materials you can recreate at home
  • Activities such as archery, rock climbing, hiking, and swimming in a designated area
  • Scavenger hunts to understand decentralized technologies
  • Evening talent show, game night, and campfires with s’mores
  • Stargazing with an astronomer and a concert under the night sky
  • Sunset movies where you can drop off the kids
  • Giant puppet-making and a puppet parade at the end of Camp

DWeb Camp welcomes everyone from “babes in arms” to tweens and teens, along with their parents who form a close-knit cohort. Andi designs a rich curriculum inspired by the skills and talents of the campers themselves. So, whether you’re an artist, dancer, storyteller, coder, or have other skills to share, you’ll find a place to engage with our youngest campers.

Camp Navarro, our venue, offers various accommodation options, from private cabins to glamping tents with comfortable mattresses and linens for 3-4 people. Alternatively, you can bring your own tent or RV. The facilities include hot showers and clean flush toilets, ensuring a comfortable stay for your family.

Make DWeb Camp a family affair this year and discover the interconnected flows of nature, technology, community, and your own perfect family flow.

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